WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


How does consignment work?

We work with you to determine how much shelf space you have available and which of our products will best suit your customer base. Once this is agreed upon we provide you with a contract to sign taking liability of the inventory we will provide. 

We ship your initial inventory of bottles and cover that cost of shipping.

You put them on your shelves and get to selling.

The blue bar (at the top of this page) indicates how often you are required to login to this website and order bottles that you have already sold to replenish the agreed upon inventory quantities.

e.g. You agreed to stock 10x bottles of XYZ Flavor in 3mg, you sold 3 of them since your last order/or initial inventory stock, thus you only need to re-order 3 units that you've sold.

Free Shipping on orders over $500

As a consignment customer we offer free shipping on restock orders over $500.

Use the discount code at checkout: FREESHIP500

How to use the Bulk Order Tool

What if I keep selling out between re-orders?

We can adjust your contract as needed to reflect your personal needs as a store.


What if I would like to discontinue consignment?

To discontinue doing consignment we must have either full-payment for the entirety of the liability you agreed to.

Or a combination of the bottles returned and/or payment to make up the difference of the total liability.